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1. Uluslararası Türk-İslam Mezar Taşları Kongresi

19-21 Ekim 2018 Kuşadası -TÜRKİYE


Dear Scholars and Gravestone researches
1st International Turkish-Islamic Gravestone Congress will be held in Kusadasi, Turkey in between 19 and 21 October 2108 by Adnan Menderes University and Kusadası Cultural & Historical Heritage Preservation.

 The Main topics are ;  Turkish-Islamic Gravestones, The desing of Turkish-Islamic Gravestones, Turkish-Islamic Burial Traditions and the fine arts of reletaed with Turkish-Islamic Gravestones. The main purpose of the congress is to reveal the cultural  similarities and differences of the Turkish-Islamic Gravestones in a large geographical areas from Balcan Countries to the Asian Steppes.

The Congress is an opportunity for the scholars ,  gravestone researches, artists, graphic designers, epigraphs and so on working in multi-disciplinary fields all over the world.

Anyone who is fond of woking in Turkish-Islamic Gravestone fields shall take place with a paper related  with the topic mentioned above. The papers should be presented both Turkish and  English.  The Congress book also will be published both e-book and printed one.

You can get further information to the web site below;

It will be a great honor for us  to entertain you in Kusadasi, in which a pearl of Turkish Tourism Industry on the Agean coasts , only 10 miles  far away from famous ancient site Ephesus and Virgin mary’s House.
 The rector of Adnan Menderes Üniversity,  Prof. Dr. Cavit BİRCAN
 The head of Kuşadası Cultural & Historical  Heritage Preservation Mahmut ÖKÇESİZ
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